I can’t let it go…

Heard this a lot of times, ” Nothing Lasts Forever”. I always had faith that this will last forever, a strong feeling that “Yes”, it will last forever, but this proved me wrong, my faith wrong, when i knew somewhere, that this will end, but i can’t let it go. Even if it goes i can’t let it go. Even if it proves me wrong, i can’t let it go. Even if it rips my soul i can’t let it go. Even if it kills me everyday, i can’t let it go. I just can’t let it go. I’ve learned a lot, i learned to be positive, a good human and to put in all goods and positivity in my other’s life. But in the end it made me a sad poet again. I can’t fell it’s beat. I’ve become an emotionless person, no happiness, no sadness, no anger. 

I feel that person only becomes a writer, with its strong emotions and passion, it doesn’t matter whether its happiness or sadness. My sadness, loneliness and disappointments pushed me towards writing, but it changed me and my life in a true sense. It took out positivity and humanity which somewhere got lost inside me. I wanted to motivate people, i wanted to make others happy in every possible way i can. Most of all I’ve learned to patient, I’ve learned to be strong. 

Now i think, I am again heading towards my start, which i don’t want, we all have twists in our life, but i want to feel my heart beat again, i want to cry, i want happiness but i just could find my past again, where I’ve lost many people and things. Now i can’t let go anyone and no one, i can’t let go my happiness, i can’t let go my heart, i can’t let go my tears, i just can’t let go anything. 

I can’t let go what i feel is best of me. 

Someone just take me back to what i wanted me to be. 


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