Searching for a reason to smile ? 

As quoted “7 billion people, 14 billion faces” but i believe “7 billion people, 700 billion faces”.Every person has different emotions, at different times, you cannot expect one to be happy, to smile or to enjoy all the time, as i said earlier “experience bad, to feel good”. Happiness, sadness, anger, aggression, joy, loneliness etc are just small phases of life which is supposed to end and ‘end’ never means it won’t repeat itself, it will, it ends so that you can understand other feelings, other emotions, but still life goes on, people may come and go , but what remains is you and only you throughout your life, so better to understand every aspect of life, so you can live and live long. Never let your emotions be your weakness, let it be your strength. Be courageous not a coward, so that you don’t need to search for a reason to smile and you walk with a catalyst’s smile.


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