Stand for yourself.


This is the time to fight…

She is dead,

People say, there is a soul which exist in all of us, who makes us alive.

But what if, if that soul dies.

Yes, her soul was dead, there was just a living dead body.

She tried so hard, being herself, she was strong enough to live in this world, but one day she lost all the the hope, she couldn’t kill herself, coz she was not even that weak, but she was tired standing alone for herself, having faith in people and also hoping that they will understand .

Now, this is the time to fight, fight for herself, fight for her rights, and make her soul alive, to live and live long, she want her soul to live forever. And she need to fight for that and so she will… πŸ™‚


3 thoughts on “Stand for yourself.

  1. Feel free to delete it, but your poem reminded me of my crude-but-beloved early poetry-attempts:

    Excerpt from ‘Lone Stars, Warpstone Sixguns & Red Orc Tomahawks’
    © Andrè M. Pietroschek, all rights reserved
    A handful of prosaic-doublets about my Warhammer-Western Intermezzo


    That Night in Odin’s Belch, down in good ole Texas
    Our good Sheriff Thorson prepared to make a stand

    He would soon die fightin’ with a weapon in his hand
    Blue eyes’sight grimly set on the arrivin’ outlaw band

    His deputies aside him, them three against the odds
    Unafraid o’em Death they don’t even dodge the shots

    The outlaws look upon them, false pride upon true grit
    More than one damn outlaw panty fillin’ with warm shit

    Rifles & sixguns started blazing, Death came as hot lead
    Em three who stood for duty killed a dozen with godspeed

    When everything went silent and ’em Valkyries arrived
    The settlers proudly ensured that nobody had survived

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    1. Poetry is always from your heart and you are never too old to write, and it even connect people, and forceful things never work ! πŸ™‚ i don’t feel like deleting anything even your is really good ! πŸ™‚

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