Make it your way !

“What i do is wrong to world, but all okay ​with me…Frustrated, irritated, hurt, finding reason for my existence, got no answer. My life has become play thing for all. What i need is peace, care, love and all i need is someone to pamper.

Want to be alone, but when i m alone i feel too lonely and think that people are too busy to even look at me.

All i want is that, the things should go on according to me. I would love to have problems in life so that life doesn’t become boring, but when it is so i need space i want to know myself. I never got to knew myself but i always say so. There is still to know more,still to learn more and still to discover more and this all says my soul…” 

This is what every person is knows the truth but dare to accept, but we should enjoy evey moment whether it is good or bad, it gives us sorrow or happiness. This is what we have, one life, so enjoy as much as you can, stop thinking and start exploring. Love yourself, be yourself, live for yourself. You are the only one who can make your life and take your life. So be the one, and let everyone love you…:)


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