Experience bad to feel good…

​Imagine your life, like a fairy tale, where all your wishes are granted, your life is like you wanted, no worries, no sadness, you have people you want, but (there is always a but), but here is no but, a simple and sweet life, you only have good memories, not how you bravely deal with your problems and made people proud, not the stories which was worst throughout but ended on a good note, coz its all a perfect life with no worsts.Good can be so good that it becomes worst, until you experience bad you wont value it, bad gives you a hope, a desire to experience good, But if its all good then you become hopeless, you are no more a dreamer, no desires, you just become mean and selfish to gain more, hey coz its not a fairy tale, its not a fairy tale, its its good throughout but here you won’t even receive a happy ending… 🙂 


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